WOW, I have emerged from the dark caves that I have been exploring. They have taken me to Belgium, Miami, and back up to NYC. There will be more to report but you can see my finding here>>>>>>

Other news, my t-shirts that Prada put out are final out in fine stores that sell Prada. Also check out the my "Hello Collection" of sweaters Prada has put out....

Start Mobile cell phone wallpaper site where you can get selections of my art for your phone. This project now live and has an amazing collection of art.

Peace in 2006.

independant Arts Festival-Belgium 4_06
Email me your address if you want to spread some GOOD LUCK in 06'. These stickers seen here have been blessed by a very powerful Botanica in Brooklyn NY. It doesn't just say GOOD LUCK, it is! I'll send you a sticker pack. Don't be shy. I've sent stickers all over the world!
What Moves you Miami? - Scion Project Space.Keen One up front shoes - my art in back....  
Lots of new work from Providence and NYC.